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Four Astounding Aspects of the 2018 Civic Type R

No other car model has a name as appropriate as Honda's Civic. The sedan, a staple of school parking lots and model home driveways, is as reliable, safe, and common as the root of its name (the Latin *civis*, for "citizen") would imply. The Civic Type R, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. It's unlike any other car on the road, in both design and under-the-hood specs, and Honda should be proud of that.

To the average consumers who make up Honda's customer base, the very idea of hyping a new model of the Civic may seem odd. These people are not the market for the Honda Civic Type R - and they're missing out on an incredible vehicle.

The recent release of the Civic Type R has shed more detailed light on its features. Customers looking for something in the $30,000 price range would be remiss to neglect these key aspects of what just might be Honda's standout vehicle.

1. Front Wheel Drive

Perhaps its most surprising feature, the 2018 Civic Type R is proudly Front-wheel drive in an AWD world. Honda has been clear about the logic behind this decision; simply put, it gives the driver more control, especially since the Type R is manual-only. Insisting on a Front-wheel drive experience is probably why Honda's Type R has beaten competing models in lap tests by over 5 seconds. It's the fastest front-wheel drive production car, in fact. (

2. Multi-Link Rear Suspension

The sheer power of the 2018 Civic Type R could lead to a rougher ride behind the wheel. Luckily, Honda has made changes to the design that negate potential issues.Instead of the rear torsion beam seen on earlier models, Honda's Civic Type R utilizes a multi-link rear suspension, which is crucial in providing a smooth ride on both the track and the road. While some gearheads still debate the relative merits of either suspension system, there's a clear preference for a car like the Civic Type R, given its absurd amount of power.

3. More horsepower, lighter engine

It's always exciting when a manufacturer bumps the horsepower on its latest model. The 2017 Civic Type R had 308 horsepower compared to the 2018's 316. It doesn't seem like much of a boost, but taken with the reduced weight of the engine's flywheel - 8.7kg compared to the previous 14 - and the addition of carbon fiber skirts, it all adds up to make the 2018 Civic Type R a paragon of automotive power.

4. Three Center-Mounted Exhausts

Nobody buys a car based on how many exhausts it has, or where those exhausts are. For the 2018 Civic Type R, however, these pipes are essentially a symbol of the car's design philosophy. It's out-of-the-ordinary, aesthetically-driven, and wildly different from the others on the road. Just like its driver, the Type R is one of a kind.

Comparing the look of the 2018 Type R to its predecessors ( shows how the company has gradually moved toward boldness. This year, Honda has reached the pinnacle of what they've been aiming for all along. The vents, spoiler, and alloy wheels are all designed to make a statement. This is a car that has the power to dominate any race but looks just as good parked as it does flying down the autobahn at 190 miles per hour. It's certainly not your parents' Civic.